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Radio Recon's Ready to Get Back to Work

Monday, November 21st
Radio Recon's Ready to Get Back to Work

Sinking Spring, PA – The Reading Royals cordially invite you to join us tomorrow night (Tuesday, November 22, 2016) from 6 – 7 pm at Jimmy G’s Railroad House Sports Bar and Restaurant (152 Woodrow Avenue, Sinking Spring, PA; 610-678-1177) for Radio Recon, the Royals’ weekly coach’s show.

Well, I doubt that Paul McCartney’s going to pen a number one hit about it, but it really has been a long and winding road over the last month or so for the Royals, which has taken us on a rather dramatic roller coaster ride of ups and more recently downs. But, hey, let’s look on the bright side….at least my wife hadn’t bolted the door shut by the time we finally did get home…And now it’s time to get back to the rhythm of Radio Recon—and who better to get things racing in the right direction than Mikey Pereira. We’ll also have Assistant Coach Kirk MacDonald, and we know from experience, he’s always ready to get ‘er goin’…. As my dear ‘ol dad used to say, ‘begin, the rest is easy….”

As always, we welcome any and all comments and questions from the fans at Radio Recon. We might also come up with a little crazy trivia and giveaways for those who participate in the show. Royals Radio Recon will be broadcast live on the Royals Broadcast Network (iHeartRadio  - Rumba 1340 in Reading).

End 16 11-21