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5 Things You Might Not Know: Justin Crandall

Thursday, February 4th
5 Things You Might Not Know: Justin Crandall

He’s a Gamer

We all know Justin Crandall can handle a puck but did you know he’s also good with a controller? A game controller that is… Crandall and teammate Derek Johnson, play a lot of NHL 16. And by a lot, we mean they are ranked 750th in the world. “We play a lot of 2 man as a team. Normally at least 3 hours a day,” Crandall explained. Their favorite team to play? The San Jose Sharks or the LA Kings. “Joe Pavelski is my favorite player. We like the California teams, they’re some of the best in the NHL.” Game on, Crandall!

He’s a Golfer

Justin is a man of many talents including being a pretty skilled golfer. “I started golfing when I was 7, my whole family are big golfers. I actually learned from my Dad, who is a 2 handicap,” Justin remarked. Back home in Minnesota Justin plays all summer. And don’t worry he rocks some pretty great golfing outfits. Though Justin claims to not be on Rickie Fowler’s level, he does coordinate his lulu pants and polo with a white belt for the tournaments he plays in. I’m sure a lot of ladies out there would love to see a picture of that!

He Loves Tacos

We all know Hockey burns a lot of Calories, Justin’s way of staying full & focused… Taco Bell. “The crunch wrap slider or the Doritos locos tacos, they’re my favorite,” Justin told us. Justin is a frequent Taco Bell visitor as well. “I go at least twice a week.” He’s not always a junk food eater though, during the summer’s he lives at home where his mom keeps healthy food on the table for him! Hey, clearly the Taco Bell is working though, with 12 goals and 34 assists; Justin’s doing something right!

He likes to Keep it Comfortable

The Midwest Kid knows how to keep things comfortable. His go-to shoes? Ugg slippers. “Uggs are my go-to, every day wear. When I’m feeling lazy- which is pretty much everyday- I have my Uggs on.” Justin, we don’t blame you, Uggs really are the best!

He’s a Smarty

Clearly Justin is a stellar hockey player, but did you know he’s a very smart guy? Just call him “Book Worm”: Justin graduated Magna Cum Laude from UMD with a 3.75 GPA and a degree in Finance with a concentration in International Finance. Why finance? “I liked learning about all the different currencies and ways in which foreign markets interacted with one another. If I ever played overseas I thought it would help me as well,” Justin explained. Well, maybe you could teach us a few things, Justin?

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