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5 Things You Might Not Know: Assistant Coach Kirk MacDonald

Wednesday, February 10th
5 Things You Might Not Know: Assistant Coach Kirk MacDonald

He’s A Cancer Survivor

K-Macs favorite night at the Royals? Pink in the Rink! Why? Because K-Mac is a cancer survivor. In April of 2005, K-Mac was diagnosis testicular cancer. He went through 4 rounds of chemo and had a 10-hour long surgery. He ended up having 2 more surgeries and spent 65 days in the hospital due to complications. When he got out in October of 2005, he had lost over 75 lbs. K-Mac didn’t waste a moment supporting cancer foundations, “In college I did I lot of advocating for testicular cancer. I helped raise $11,000 for the Lance Armstrong foundation. I also worked with Relay for Life and the American Cancer Society.” K-Mac is still giving back. On his 10 year cancer free anniversary, his now fiancé donated a percentage of all her paintings to the American Cancer Society. Way to keep giving back!

He’s an Ultra Runner

K-Mac looks great in a suit, but that doesn’t come without a lot of hard work! Assistant Coach MacDonald hits the gym hard everyday. His favorite type of work out? Running. “I run at least 5 miles a day, most of the time I go to the Wyomissing park or jump on the treadmill here at the arena.” K-Mac isn’t just a runner though- he’s an ultra runner. He’s done two 5k’s where he came in 2nd and 4th, he’s done a ½ marathon and did a 25k mountain race in Vermont! “Since I stopped playing I’ve done a race every summer. The 25k was the hardest day of my life. It was a 2,500 ft incline. I finished it though, in 2 hours and 20 mins!” Super impressive, K-Mac!

He’s A Musician

We all know K-Mac can play hockey, but his hidden talent? He’s a jazz pianist! “When I was younger I wasn’t allowed to play hockey unless I also learned how to play piano. It was my mother orders.” Kirk is a pretty talented musician. Though he doesn’t have a piano here, he loves to sit down any chance he gets and play some jazz. “When I was younger, the guys would make fun of me all the time. But I’m so happy I learned how to play.” Anyone have a keyboard we can break out for K-Mac?

He’s Got Fake Teeth

Assistant Coach MacDonald has got a great smile, but did you know most of his teeth are fake?! “I’ve had all my front teeth knocked out. Now I only wear my fake teeth when I have a game or a date night with my fiancé. Otherwise they sit in a jar at my house!” I guess that’s the risk you run as a pro hockey player!

He’s Home in Reading

K-Mac bounced around a bit during his first year as a pro, but quickly settled into two places: Reading and Providence. Kirk spent 5 of his 6-year career split between those two teams. He even met his now fiancé while playing in Providence, but Reading is where his heart truly is. “I love Reading. I played here my second year as a pro and then finished my career here when we won the cup. It’s a very special place for me.” Well we definitely love having you here, K-Mac!

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