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Radio Recon's Ready to Fire a Few BBs....

Monday, April 20th
Radio Recon's Ready to Fire a Few BBs....

Sinking Spring, PA – The Reading Royals cordially invite you to join us tomorrow night (Tuesday, April 21, 2015) from 6 – 7 pm at Jimmy G’s Railroad House Sports Bar and Restaurant (152 Woodrow Avenue, Sinking Spring, PA; 610-678-1177) for Radio Recon, the Royals’ weekly coach’s show.

The worst kept secret in the 2015 East Division Semi-Final playoff series between the Royals and South Carolina Stingrays? When Adam Comrie gets the puck, he’s got the full green light to go ahead and let it rip—and for good reason, because when the big man lets it rip, rip it he does….Tomorrow, we’ll give Adam the green light and let him rip up the radio waves, too. No one needs to give Assistant Coach Kirk MacDonald any signals, he knows how to handle himself on the bench (and, from what I’ve seen, off the bench in post-game scuffles, if need be) and, of course, he’s an old pro on the radio….

As always, we welcome any and all comments and questions from the fans at Radio Recon. We might also come up with a little crazy trivia and giveaways for those who participate in the show. Royals Radio Recon will be broadcast live on the Royals Broadcast Network (CBS Sports Radio 1240 am and 98.5 fm in Reading).

End 15 04-20