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Video's Not Going to Whack These Radio Stars...

Monday, October 21st
Video's Not Going to Whack These Radio Stars...

Sinking Spring, PA – The Reading Royals cordially invite you to join us on tomorrow night (Tuesday, October 22, 2013) from 6 – 7 pm at Jimmy G’s Railroad House Sports Bar and Restaurant (152 Woodrow Avenue, Sinking Spring, PA; 610-678-1177) for Radio Recon, the Royals’ weekly coach’s show.

Okay, so no one is going to confuse the Buggles with Nostradamus (actually I think it was I-Tunes—or maybe Napster—that killed the radio star); but, regardless, our guests for Radio Recon, Alternate Captains Ethan Cox and Ian O’Connor, are veterans of the airwaves whose collective star continues to burn bright. We’ll loosen up Coxie and OC in this show (straight interviews with the host…yawn), to get them ready for their upcoming once-a-month editions of Radio Recon (starting later in November) in which they’ll really take complete control of the airwaves (yeah!)….

We expect to have the whole Royals’ broadcast crew with us, and we’ll get the wireless mic out in the crowd in order to solicit comments and questions from fans. You can probably also expect a little crazy trivia and giveaways for fans who participate in the show. Royals Radio Recon will be broadcast live on the Royals Broadcast Network (CBS Sports Radio 1240 am and 98.5 fm in Reading).

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