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Radio Recon Ready for Rule of Rookies

Monday, March 4th
Radio Recon Ready for Rule of Rookies

Okay, So It May Not Quite Rival the Hit HBO Series 'Game of Thrones' But With Their Recent Performances Stan Galiev and David Vallorani Can Both Lay a Pretty Strong Claim to the Iron Throne of the Seven Kingdoms

Sinking Spring, PA – The Reading Royals cordially invite you to join us on Tuesday Night (March 5, 2013) from 6 – 7 pm at Jimmy G’s Railroad House Sports Bar and Restaurant (152 Woodrow Avenue, Sinking Spring, PA; 610-678-1177) for Radio Recon, the Reading Royals’ weekly coach’s show. Last time I looked, it didn’t seem that the game of hockey got a whole lot of play in the high drama of Medieval Fantasy, but if winter ever does come to Westeros and they do decide to drop the puck on a little lake hockey, the Queen of the Dothraki could do worse than to select Stan Galiev and David Vallorani when they pick up teams. One thing’s for certain, her majesty’s power play would have a premier first year set-up guy—and another who has shown he can slay the dragon—or at least the water bottle—out of the left circle….Coach Courville will hopefully also enlighten us on how he intends to keep the threats rising in the icy North and the eastern continent of Essos—not to mention the North Division of the Eastern Conference and elsewhere—at bay… We expect to have the whole Royals’ broadcast crew with us, including Scott Rathman, who will have the wireless mic in the crowd in order to solicit comments and questions from fans. As always, we’ll have crazy trivia and giveaways for fans who participate in the show. Royals Radio Recon will be broadcast live on the Royals Broadcast Network (CBS Sports Radio 1240 am and 98.5 fm in Reading).