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Radio Recon's Ready for the Fast and the Furious

Monday, February 18th
Radio Recon's Ready for the Fast and the Furious

We All Better have the Street Rods Ready to Run If We Want to Keep Up with Ian O’Connor and Stan Galiev

Sinking Spring, PA – The Reading Royals cordially invite you to join us on Tuesday Night (February 19, 2013) from 6 – 7 pm at Jimmy G’s Railroad House Sports Bar and Restaurant (152 Woodrow Avenue, Sinking Spring, PA; 610-678-1177) for Radio Recon, the Reading Royals’ weekly coach’s show. I know that Ian O’Connor can motor with the best of them—but I’m not sure how he’d fare in a straight-up sprint with a 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS—unless, of course, the race was on ice. That being said, I do know that if the rough stuff kicks up, I’ll take Ian over Vin Diesel any day of the week. Stan Galiev’s got some pretty heady wheels, too, and with those hands, he could probably wrangle the hubcaps off a moving car without even the slightest bump in the road. The only caveat…Stan’s got some dental work planned for Tuesday (after taking a stick to the mouth last Wednesday), so he may be a game time decision. I certainly hope he makes it, ‘cause I wanna learn that magic trick of how you make that water bottle on top of the net disappear (or at least go streaking thirty feet into the air)…. We expect to have the whole Royals’ broadcast crew with us, including Scott Rathman, who will have the wireless mic in the crowd in order to solicit comments and questions from fans. As always, we’ll have crazy trivia and giveaways for fans who participate in the show. Royals Radio Recon will be broadcast live on the Royals Broadcast Network (CBS Sports Radio 1240 am and 98.5 fm in Reading).