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The Royals are at Jimmy G’s Railroad House most Tuesday nights from 6-7 p.m. throughout the 2017-18 regular season. Swing by Jimmy G’s for a chance to meet the players and coaches, plus win tickets and prizes!

2018_03_19 Radio Recon – Chase Golightly

2018_03_18 Mark Thompson and Pat Richards intermission interview

2018_02_14 Royals Radio Recon

2018_01_17 Derek Whitmore NHL story

2018_01_17 Royals Radio Recon

2018_01_09 Royals Radio Recon

2017_12_30: Matias Cleland Introduction

2017_12_20 Derek Whitmore’s recovery from injury

2017_12_20 Jimmy DeVito joins Reading

2017_12_08 Nick Neville Interview

2017_12_02 Pat Wellar Interview

2017_12_01 Sam Posa Interview

2017_11_29 Steven Swavely Interview

2017_11_24 Tyler Brown interview

2017_11_24 Kirk MacDonald Pregame Interview

2017_11_21 Pat Wellar Pregame Interview

2017_11_19 Kirk MacDonald Pregame Interview

2017_11_19 Matt Willows full interview

2017_11_17 Pat Wellar Pregame Interview

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